(NAPSI)—Smart used car shoppers know they’re better able to get a car that can take them far if they’re not misled about mileage.

According to the Consumer Federation of America, one in 10 used cars on the market has had its odometer rolled back. Fortunately, there are five ways you can tell if the car you’re considering is among them:

1. Check the vehicle’s title and compare the mileage listed on the title with the car’s odometer.

2. Compare the odometer’s mileage with mileage recorded on maintenance and inspection documents.

3. If the vehicle has a traditional mechanical odometer, check that the numbers are aligned correctly.

4. Examine the tires. The car should have its original tires if the odometer reads 20,000 miles or less.

5. Get a free Odometer Check at www.carfax.com/odo. Carfax provides trusted information that helps millions buy and sell cars with confidence.

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