Windshield and Wiperblade(NAPSI)—When the chatter of your wiper blades is louder than the kids in the backseat, you know it’s time to change your wiper blades, and you may even add it to a pre-road-trip to-do list. But why wait? Instead, make inspecting wiper blades part of your regular vehicle safety inspection.

Spending a few minutes with your car now can help you enjoy safer driving this summer. More than a deep wash to get winter’s salt and grime away, maintenance items on a car checklist should include inspecting and repairing items that wear over time.

Routine items to check include

• tire pressure

• fluid levels

• air-conditioning and engine cooling systems

• hoses and filters

• turn signal indicators

• headlights, taillights and running lights

• …plus—one of the simplest—inspect and replace worn wiper blades.

Nationally recognized automotive expert in car care Lauren Fix, “The Car Coach,” knows that an estimated 90 percent of a motorist’s driving decisions are based on how well he or she sees the road. Fix and her daughter, “Teen Car Coach” Shelby Fix, agree that checking wiper blades is one of the easiest ways to improve your family’s road safety.

As Shelby writes, “A dirty windshield could cause big problems. If you can’t see where you are going, it’s dangerous to everyone. Get a new set of wiper blades…they are worth it.”

Properly maintained wiper blades are simply an easy, low-cost way to help ensure the clearest sight line in a rainstorm and improve driving safety.

Industry experts recommend checking blades periodically and replacing them about every six months.

Better Blades

Worn, torn or inefficient blades leave streaks, a film and an inconsistent view of the road that can limit vision or delay driver judgment. New blades can provide a better and longer-lasting clear view of the road, especially important for improving safety during summer rainstorms.

One option is the Michelin Stealth Hybrid Technology wiper blade, with a patent-pending, spring-loaded design for superior contact with the windshield and improved wiping performance in all weather conditions.

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