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Last night I was dropping off a friend after dinner and there was this SUV coming at me down a residential street with their lights incorrectly adjusted and pointing right into the oncoming lane.

I was tempted to flash them but decided instead to just stop my car, avert my eyes and wait till they passed by because I couldn’t see a thing and I was afraid of running into a car parked on the side of the street.

Making sure your headlights are properly aligned is important and that’s something we can do here at Rick Stroud’s Auto Repair and Maintenance.

The incident got me thinking this morning about safety tips for driving at night.

A quick search found this short piece with some good tips:

Nighttime Driving Tips

Make Yourself Visible

Keeping your car visible during the night is the number one factor in avoiding auto insurance claims. This tip starts at making sure all the exterior lighting is in proper working order.

You will also want ways to mark your car in the event that you breakdown. Make sure that you get your car as far off the road as is safely possible. Turn on your hazard lights to mark your car. Even better is to put out reflective orange triangles or road flares a few hundred feet behind your car. This one simple tip can mean the difference in having a safe car or having a two-car accident to talk with your auto insurance agent about.