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There are these great, yet simple, items under the hood of your auto that do a marvelous job of facilitating the transportation of fluids and hot air to various areas of your engine and other component parts. Like the windshield wipers, or the radiator, or your brakes.

These items are of course hoses. And some of them are so important that without them you can’t go anywhere.

Many people don’t think about them until they break and that is a mistake. If you check your auto’s manual you will find that a number of these hoses are supposed to be serviced, checked, and replaced after so many miles. It varies per hose, auto, and frankly area of the country, but you should make them a priority on your auto check list.

Often time we think theses hoses must be fine because we drive around town on short trips and don’t have any problems. But the problem there is that the hoses are really being subjected to extreme prolonged pressures and temperatures. So when you hit the highway for that long trip out of town across one of our bridges, all of sudden something bursts and leaves you stranded.

That is why it’s a good idea to follow the maintenance schedule in your manual and to have your auto checked over before that trip out of town. You’ll save yourself money in the long run.

So schedule a maintenance check with us at Rick Stroud’s full service Auto Repair  here in St. Petersburg / Pinellas Park. One of our goals is to save you from those those huge costs of a broken down vehicle.