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It’s summer here in Florida and that means hot hot hot.

The thing that keeps your auto’s engine from exceeding temperature tolerance is the coolant system.

One of the things that not only we, but the industry as a whole, recommends is flushing that coolant system as part of regular vehicle maintenance.

You see, over time the coolant becomes acidic, which can lead to rust. As that cooling fluid gets thrust through your engine to draw away heat, those rust particles begin to act like a sandblaster and can eat away at parts in your car leading over time to catastrophic failure and very expensive repairs and replacements.

Flushing that system is the wise way to keep the burdensome costs of repair and replacement at bay.

Coolant flushes are one of the many tools in our toolbox to help you stay running safe here in St Petersburg and Pinellas Park. So give us a call today at 727-547-1911 at Rick Stroud Auto Repair and Maintenance and schedule an appointment.

Summer is a crucial time to flush out that rust and acid from your radiator and coolant system.