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auto air filtersWhen I mow the lawn I like to wear a mask because the mower I use tends to kick up a lot of dust and dirt. I certainly don’t want that in my lungs.

One of the problems I face though is that here in the Florida sun of St. Petersburg, I end up sweating a lot which gets the mask wet. The moisture helps make more dirt stick to it and consequently after mowing and weed whacking that mask must be thrown away because breathing through it has become hard.

But the mask served its purpose. Keep the bad stuff out of my respiratory system.

Did you know that your car has a respiratory system as well? It needs clean air in order to perform efficiently and with power. Much like you and I.

To that end the engineers of your auto were smart enough to put filters, like the mask I wear to mow, in the system. Checking these filters and following your vehicle’s replacement schedule on these filters is important to the health of your truck or car.

As a full service auto repair and maintenance shop here in St Petersburg and Pinellas Park area we see the mess that can occur to an engine where people don’t change their filters when needed. If you have questions feel free to come by and see us at the shop.

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