Technology is a wonderful thing. In general tech makes our lives better in some way, just look at the smart phone with its many ways to keep us connected to one another and get us to where we need to go whether on foot or in a car via GPS.

Here in the shop we utilize great technologies that help us locate problem issues in batteries to engines.

But one of the great problems with tech – just consider the computerized cash registers when they go down and how most clerks can’t make change – is that we eventually seem to give up key abilities to the machine.

That is something to consider with many of the new “safety” technologies coming to automobiles.

The Truth about Cars blog hits on this with their post:

Do Driver Aids Make Us Worse Drivers?

Here’s a snippet:

Though these “semiautonomous” systems are sold as safety equipment, researchers argue that they create a sense of reliance that actually makes drivers less safe (unlike “secret” safety systems like stability control and ABS, which operate consistently without the driver’s knowledge). And, somewhat counterintuitively, these researchers argue that the rise of semiautonomous driver aids actually increases the need for life-long driver eduation [sic].

That doesn’t sound to me like a good thing.

Where do you stand on these new semiautonomous driver safety aides?