Knowledge is Power when it comes to auto maintenance(NAPSI)—While women control or influence 85 percent of buying decisions-including the purchase and care of vehicles—many still may feel intimidated when it’s time to take a vehicle to the service shop.

A new program designed especially for women helps them ask the right questions about vehicle maintenance. It includes a free booklet that answers frequently asked car care and travel questions, as well as a fun and informative seminar that auto repair facilities across the country can host for their female customers.

“We want to help women ask not just the right questions but all questions about car care and repair,” said Nancy McLean, director of marketing for ACDelco. “Sometimes, the most powerful tools a woman can own are knowledge and confidence.”

The booklet can be accessed

Designed to fit in a glove box, it was developed by professionals who specialize in training and uses easy-to-understand, consumer-friendly terms. The booklet covers:

• Preventive car care services and when they’re needed

• How to accurately and completely describe vehicle troubles to a technician

• A glossary of commonly used automotive service terms

• Symptoms, noises and smells that may indicate potential problems

• Tips for safe motor vehicle travel

• How occupant safety restraints such as seat belts and air bags work

• Child passenger safety and teen driving tips

• How to stay safe in the event of a vehicle breakdown.

“Women and men who read the ‘Knowledge Is Power’ booklet or attend a seminar will feel much more in control of their car care decisions, which is very important in these economic times,” said McLean.

The company also offers a complete “Knowledge Is Power’” seminar kit to more than 6,000 independent, affiliated vehicle service facilities nationwide. Service centers that order the kit receive everything needed to host a car care seminar for women in their stores.

These events are not designed to train women on do-it-yourself car repair but rather to empower them with the information they need to ask the right questions the next time their car has to go to the shop.

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