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It’s one of the things that you will likely be tempted to do here in the St. Petersburg, FL, area sooner or later.

And today, as we look out of the shop doors at the sheets of rain coming down, we know that there are some seriously flooded roads in the area. And you may be tempted to drive through those flooded sections thinking to yourself a couple of things like:

  • It can’t be that deep.
  • Oh, boy! This could be fun.
  • I really don’t have time to find a way around this.
  • What’s the worst that could happen, really?
Well, let me stop you right now and just say to you, “Don’t do it.”
It is not worth the damage that you could cause to your car or the headache of stalling out in the middle of an intersection with water above your door wells. The clean up and repair maintenance is more than you will desire.
Do the smart thing, find an alternative route if the intersection or street is flooded. The people that live on the street will thank you for one thing, and your car, with all it’s electrical and computer components will stay dry. There is a reason after all that your engine isn’t open to the elements.