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There’s a lot that has been said in regard to red light cameras at intersections. We’ve recently had to learn to live with them here in St. Petersburg / Pinellas Park area of Florida. In fact at the corner of 58th Street and 54th Avenue is a red light camera in Kenneth City which is just south of our full service auto repair shop.

As I’ve been following news related to the installation of cameras around the United States it’s become clear that there are a lot of people unhappy with them based on the number of court cases being brought against the cities and municipalities utilizing them.

Here’s an example of a city where the citizens voted against using them:

Massachusetts: Another Town Meeting Rejects Red Light Cameras

Of course there are pros and cons on the use of them. How do you feel about having the cameras?

I was in a car with a family member who had a new gps for his car and was surprised to hear it beep. Turns out it beeps every time he comes up to an intersection that has the cameras installed. I kind of like that feature.

The cameras here in Kenneth City aren’t without controversy:

St. Petersburg Times sues Kenneth City for names of accused red light runners

Filed in Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Court, the lawsuit accuses the town and American Traffic Solutions Inc. of violating Florida’s open records law by refusing to disclose the names.

No matter how you feel about them, it’s certain that they are gaining more presence on our roads and I wonder how long it will be before cameras start giving tickets for speeding.