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There are a lot, and I mean a LOT, of apps out there for your smart phone that relate to the cars and trucks we drive.

Some auto companies even have apps that allow you to control features on your car from anywhere in the world. It really is an amazing time we find ourselves in today. Technology is increasing at such a lightning pace that keeping up with it all, let alone half of it, is impossible for one person.

And you know what? That is both exciting and humbling.

There are a few apps that I’ve (Hal) found pretty useful on my Android. Please feel free to comment and suggest others because I know there is a world of apps I’ve yet to discover.

Google Maps for the Android

Google Maps

I’d have to say that the one I use the most is Google maps with navigation. And yes, Rick Stroud’s Auto Repair Shop is easily found using it.

My phone, a MyTouch4g, came with a Car Dock app that is also something I’m always using in the car. As far as I can tell this preloaded app is from HTC. It works great for me because it integrates driving utilities and even allows me to listen to txt messages if I want to and reply to them by dictation. It’s not perfect on that front but decent. I prefer to avoid txting while driving. There are a number of similar apps in the market place, but I don’t know which is recommendable.

Looking for restaurants and things to do near you? I recommend Where. I’ve found it to be a great way to find business and restaurant reviews. Plus it can show gas station and reported prices. You can even get movie times. It’s a well rounded application.

Speaking of Gas prices I have to say the Gas Buddy works exceptionally well around here in the St Petersburg, Pinellas Park, area as well.

Oh, before I forget, I love the Pandora music app. There are a wealth of radio stations to select from here in the Tampa Bay area, but I have to admit I get tired of hearing the same songs again and again while I’m on the road. This app makes the ride that much more enjoyable and when I’m stuck in heavy traffic, selecting a peaceful station is a life saver.

So do you have other applications that you love to use while spending part of your life in your vehicle?

Please share.

I don’t mean to leave out the iPhone or BlackBerry users. Other exceptional smart phones, but I don’t have any experience with those phones. I do know that many of the apps are available for multiple platforms. And if not, more than likely will soon be made available.