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Now that’s an interesting question, isn’t it?

Have you walked your car? I don’t mean putting a leash on your Mustang and taking it out of the garage do it’s business on your neighbors lawn.

Nope. I mean before you get in your car to drive off to work or the mall or to take those tiny people to their personal learning centers, do a once around the vehicle.

Pay attention to your tire pressure. Do those tires look fully inflated? Is the sidewall of one of the tires bulging (a serious problem in the offing)?

Look underneath the car for oil, transmission, and water leaks. Check to see if your tail lights are working.

This should become a regular routine for your driving life. It’s important not only for your, and your passengers’s, safety but it is also important for heading off maintenance problems. A lot like your own health, catch a problem early enough, and the cost of fixing it in your car or truck could be a lot less than replacing, say, an engine.

As always, if you have something you want us to look at here in the St Petersburg and Pinellas Park area, feel free to come by and visit us at the shop.