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As I get older I realize just how important good vision is when it comes to pretty much everything in life. And safe driving requires good vision.

Beware Of Glare For Safety

(NAPSI)-Good vision is an essential part of driving safely, and more than 90 percent of decisions and reactions made behind the wheel depend on it. While many believe a bright, sunny day is optimal for driving, the reality is that blinding glare from sun, snow and vehicles can be a significant contributing factor to fatal auto accidents. Additionally, a recent survey commissioned byEssilor of America, Inc., the world leader in eyeglass lenses, revealed the disturbing fact that 20 percent of eyeglass wearers sometimes drive without their prescription glasses and instead wear nonprescription sunglasses, quickly making day driving unnecessarily treacherous.

Glare Dangers

When driving, consider the following tips to minimize dangers from glare.

• Drive carefully and keep a safe distance between your car and the car ahead of you.

• Keep your car’s windshield clean.

• Use the sun visor.

• Rest your eyes and take frequent breaks during sunny conditions.

• Purchase a pair of polarized, prescription sunglasses if you wear eyeglasses, as they cut the glare much more effectively than over-the-counter sunglasses.

The Importance Of Polarized Lenses

For blinding glare when driving, simple solutions abound in the form of polarized, prescription sunglasses. In fact, a clinical study conducted byEssilor as a precursor to the survey found that driver reaction times improve by one-third of a second for drivers who wear polarized lenses. For a car traveling 50 miles per hour, one-third of a second allows a driver to stop 23 feet sooner, or the length of an intersection. In glare-intense situations, polarized lenses, improve vision clarity by 75 percent, as opposed to ordinary sun lenses, allowing wearers to enjoy better clarity of vision.

Sixty percent of eyeglass wearers surveyed agree that when driving during the day, glare from sun and snow makes it difficult to see while driving; however, those with prescription sunglasses, particularly those with polarized lenses experience less trouble. Currently, only one-third of eyeglass wearers have prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses, so it’s critical that consumers discuss with their eye care professionals the lifesaving benefits of polarized, prescription sunglasses.

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