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I was surfing some of my news items today and Consumer Reports is always a stop on my list. The following headline caught my attention because I knew it to be true. With the way the economy is and the fact that so many people are looking at ways to trim the budget and spend more wisely the cash they strive to earn.

Survey: Consumers show growing interest in buying a used car

Used cars provide an affordable alternative to buying new, avoiding the initial year or years of rapid depreciation that can make new cars so much more expensive. Buying used carries certain risks, though the rewards can mean acquiring more car for the money and/or lowering your monthly bills

Consumer reports links in the blog entry to some advice on puschasing a used car that is worth your time.

One thing we always recommend is that you take  the vehicle your considering to your mechanic and let them do an inspection. This will give you a good idea of possible repairs that you’re going to have to make or damage that isn’t easily seen with the naked eye.

If you’re in the St Petersburg / Pinellas Park area of Florida and thinking about buying a used auto you are always welcome to bring it by our shop, Rick Stroud Auto Repair.