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Okay, chances are if your vehicle was running rough or eating up a lot more fuel than normal and you took it into the shop to find out why, an oxygen sensor was replaced to solve the issue.

So what is it and why is it so important to the operation of your car?

Fuel injectors and Computers. That’s what. In order for your car to operate optimally and be fuel efficient the air to fuel ratio must be constant. The ration is 14.7 air to 1 part fuel. Temperature, altitude, and environment will all affect the ratio.

Because of the advent of computers and fuel injectors that ratio can be adjusted on the fly to keep it constant. The oxygen sensor in your car monitors the amount of oxygen being used or not used in the combustion of fuel and allows the computer to adjust the fuel to air ratio. An improper ratio can cause your vehicle to run rough, use up extra fuel lowering your fuel efficiency, and even damage the vehicle.

So the oxygen performs an important job for such a small piece to the huge puzzle that is the modern day vehicle. And because they monitor exhaust, hot air and gases, they do eventually fail and need to be replaced.

Which is something we at the shop here in St Petersburg, FL, are pretty efficient at doing. So if you’re auto is running a bit rough or your manual says it’s due for replacement, bring it on in.