We are not your typical auto repair shop here in the greater St Pete / Pinellas Park area. Rick’s is family owned and operated and as such you will find scenes at times not unlike this furry and cuddly Christmas present that Rick and his wife bought for their daughter.

The shop rabbit.

This cute floppy eared bunny will eventually top the scales at eighteen pounds. How’s that for a big bunny?!

Rick was keeping him at the shop so as to surprise his daughter Christmas morn. I haven’t yet spoken to Rick to see what his daughter named this cutie. But one things for sure, this rabbit was on his way to getting a education on the internal workings of auto-mechanics and all the ins and outs of auto repair.

Of course, if you’ve been by the shop of late you know the rabbit is not the only four footed creature to hang at the shop. Stella, Rick’s Labradoodle is frequently keeping everyone entertained and happy.