I am a reader. I also like to listen to books when working on something or taking long drives. So if you’re like me you might find this service of value. And before you head out on the road for the holidays, if you are in the St Pete area, be sure to come by for a check up for you auto:

(NAPSI)-During the holidays, families travel an average of 489 miles and spend about 91 percent of that time in cars. To keep the peace among generations with varying tastes, many families turn to audiobooks for in-car entertainment that brings people, places and stories to life. In anticipation of the holiday travel season, long-distance drives and restless passengers, Audible.com presents five great audiobooks that take listeners on new journeys through brilliant storytelling and vibrant narration.

“Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” (Audible)

• Elijah Wood takes the family on a ride of a lifetime, capturing the youthful excitement of Huck’s perilous adventures. Traveling along the Mississippi River with one of literature’s most beloved characters, listeners aged 8 to 80 will be enthralled by this 100- year-old classic that remains fresh and funny.

“A Christmas Carol” (Audible)

• Acclaimed actor Tim Curry captures the spirit of Christmas through beloved and frightening characters as he narrates Charles Dickens’ holiday classic. Guiding listeners through Ebenezer Scrooge’s three ghostly encounters, Curry brings the timeless tale of forgiveness and redemption to life.

“The Help” (Penguin Audiobooks)

• Performed by a strong ensemble cast, Kathryn Stockett’s moving novel mixes the personal and political, giving listeners a glimpse into the contrasting relationships among women across the racial divide in the 1960s South. Through humor and humanity, the story provides listeners with deep connections to characters, and a powerful perspective on today’s race relations.

“The Christmas Chronicles-The Legend of Santa Claus” (Tantor)

• Weaving in and out of familiar holiday myths, Tim Slover’s “Christmass Chronicles” uncovers an entertaining and inspiring legend of the 14th-century craftsman dedicated to bringing happiness to children’s lives. Kids will be thrilled to learn why Santa climbs down the chimney, how he built his workshop and, most importantly, how he delivers gifts to children around the world on Christmas Eve.

“Gulliver’s Travels” (Audible)

• Who loved to travel more than Gulliver? Alas, his favorite pastime was to be his downfall. Jonathan Swift’s classic novel about a giant’s adventure in Lilliput will be familiar to everyone, especially with a new movie in theaters. The Audible version stars David Hyde Pierce in a witty performance that will delight the whole family.

This holiday season, with hours of great entertainment available to please everyone along the way, over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house might not be far enough! Find these titles and more online at Audible.com.