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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is talking about requiring new vehicles to have rear view cameras installed because of deaths caused by drivers backing over pedestrians.

But the question being raised is, do we really need this added technology for the driver to have to contend with?

Consumer reports has info on this new proposal here: Rearward-visibility rule proposed to protect pedestrians–especially kids–from backover tragedies

AutoMotive News has a blog entry from Jamie LaReau that is worth reading in my opinion: Did we need back-up cameras back in the day?

LaReau writes:

I’ve driven vehicles with the back-up camera feature. It’s cool, sure, but it’s also distracting. I wonder if it might also offer a false sense of security. Why look back if you’ve been regularly using a camera? What happens when you don’t have a camera?

I have to agree with LaReau, technology is great but it often becomes a distraction to the driving experience and too quickly people begin to depend on it to the neglect of actually doing what they should be doing. How often have you been driving with your GPS and instead of reading the street signs or paying attention to the stop lights? And when that GPS map is wrong or there is major road construction you find yourself lost and uncertain with where to turn and how to get back on track and the sense of panic sets in, does the driving get a bit more edgy and erratic?

With all these technologies we need to learn constraint and remember to verify. Technology in and of itself is not bad, but how we use it can quickly turn horrible.

The best thing to do when driving is to turn off all unnecessary distractions until you reach your destination. After all, being redirected to the hospital, or worse, the morgue, is not what anybody wants.

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