(NAPSI)-If you’re a business owner who depends on a vehicle for work, reliable transportation is a must. Commercial auto insurance group Progressive offers these tips for keeping your vehicle running smoothly and safely while you’re on the road:

• Keep your vehicle maintained. Schedule regular professional inspections, and repair or replace parts when necessary (not when you have time to get around to it).

• Keep a safe distance. If you’re driving a truck, you might be carrying more weight than other drivers, so try to keep a two- to three-second distance between your vehicle and the car in front of you. This will give you enough room to come to a complete stop in case the car in front slams on the brakes.

• Pull over. When you need to check your map or change your destination, take the next exit or stop at the nearest rest area.

• Be ready for the unexpected. Make sure your vehicle and your business are properly insured. You should have liability and physical damage insurance, which covers damage you cause to your vehicle—or someone else’s—in case of an accident.

For more information or to find a local agent, visit www.progressivecommercial.com.

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