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Do you know that if your time belt fails in your car or truck, it could result in your engine having a catastrophic failure?

If you check your auto’s book on repair and maintenance schedule you will find the recommended time table and mileage for when you should replace that timing belt. It varies from vehicle to vehicle. If you can’t find the info and are in the Tampa Bay area, feel free to call us at our shop at 727.547.1911 and we will look up that data for you.

You can also go to this page and find the pdf that details the info on what will be needed to be replaced and when: Timing Belt Price Labor and Price Estimate.

Don’t be unaware of what goes into replacing the timing belt. There are often other parts that must be replaced at the same time, like the water pump. Some less than honest shops will give you an estimate just for the belt and then when your vehicle is sitting on the rack and parts all over the place tell you that you will also need this and that done, adding to the labor and parts cost. Don’t get caught like that, check the link and pdf above.

When we give an estimate we lay everything out for you.