Trying to decide which tire is right for you and wondering what goes into the testing of tires by Consumer Reports? Check out this video and head over to Consumer Reports blog post: What’s the deal with car tire pricing?

I totally agree with Consumer Reporter Gene Petersen’s ending to the post:

Bottom line: If you’re buying new tires, shop around for the best price. But keep in mind that for a true comparison, the price should include not only the cost of the tires, but also shipping, taxes, and installation. Buying four tires at time is often the best deal for collecting rebate offers and getting free mounting and balancing from certain retailers. And depending on where you live, you may have to pay a disposal fee for your old, worn-out tires.

Speaking of rebates on four tires right now, Cooper Tire has a good one: http://www.coopertirerebates.com/

Good through October 16, 2010.