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We love technology. It spurs economic growth, makes life easier in some ways, and makes things fun more often than not. Sometimes it makes things safe and healthy too.

But do things that become driving distractions qualify as good tech?

What prompts this question?

This: OnStar tests Facebook updates, text-message reading services

General Motors’ OnStar service is launching new features with the latest generation of its technology and is testing applications such as reading text messages and updating social-networking Web sites via voice command.

FaceBook is a great service and so is OnStar, I will gladly admit. We even have a FaceBook page to connect with our customers. But FaceBook in the car while you’re driving?

One of our main goals as mechanics is to keep your vehicle safe for you, your passengers, and the other people on the road. I am not really sure that more tech that pulls a person out of the driving experience qualifies as being safe for the road.

What do you think?