Do you find it hard to remember what you last had done on your vehicle?

That’s one of the reasons to have a mechanic shop you trust and on who you can depend. Here at Rick Stroud Tire and Auto Service we keep a detailed file for you that shows what we’ve done maintenance wise on your vehicle.

But if you are like me you also like to have quick access to receipts and info on things like the last time you had your oil changed or you may need a record of all your travel expenses or you may even have trouble remembering your license plate number.

One of the slickest services I’ve discovered for doing this is Evernote. It works across computers and smart phones.

I can make a folder just for my car receipts and data and then search it whenever and where ever I want. I love it because I can use the application with my Android based smart phone and take a photo of receipts and mileage. There’s also an app for the iPhone.

Check it out. I think you’ll like it and find it useful for so much more.