(NAPSI)-Keeping kids happy and entertained during the summer months can be a difficult task, especially as families hit the road for vacations. But new electronic toys made just for kids offer the perfect solution.

Some of today’s hottest new toys mimic Mom and Dad’s portable electronics. An innovative new handheld game from VTech lets young learners keep busy on long trips. With MobiGo, young users can tap, flick and drag like their parents thanks to the same touch-screen technology.

Electronic games are also the perfect opportunity to make learning fun. Many of the games incorporate a wide range of skills including math, vocabulary, spelling, logic and categorization. For older children, the slide-open QWERTY keyboard introduces valuable text-typing skills. From drawing and playing instruments to fishing games, handheld electronic games are the perfect portable way by which parents can ensure their kids are occupied while traveling on vacation.

Travel Tips For Parents

Before hitting the road, here are a few things that parents should keep in mind:

• Select electronic devices that have AC adapter kits to ensure they last during long road trips. Devices such as MobiGo also come with headphones to keep youngsters busy while not disturbing parents who might be driving.

• Pack plenty of water, napkins and hand sanitizer for quick cleanup on the go.

• Encourage sharing. Whether it’s electronic games or music, play fair with limited supplies and make sure each child has the ability to play for part of the trip. Reward them for waiting their turn.

• Keep kids engaged by purchasing items that are designed to make learning fun.

In addition to being an easy item to bring along wherever you may be going this summer, technology designed for kids is also a smart solution for rainy days inside. In fact, a recent survey shows that kids are younger than ever when they acquire their first electronic device. They are also getting a lot savvier when it comes to technology.

According to the study, while parents report the average age they received their first personal electronic gadget was 18, their children received theirs at the average age of 4. In fact, four out of 10 parents surveyed report that their child has used their own personal electronic device as a toy.

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