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The summer has arrived here in the St Petersburg and Pinellas Park area. It is hot.

We had one big rain storm last Thursday night and come Friday morning the humidity and heat had our temps feeling like they were in the low 100’s! When it gets like this you have to remember to stay hydrated. Keeping the water in our bodies is a must because it keeps us running well.

The same is true about the coolant and oil in your car. Engines run hot. And with the heat climbing, engines run hotter. Be sure to check your coolant level (when you car is cool and off!) and your oil to make sure that things are normal there.

And if you have a problem, don’t hesitate to come see us at our location on the edge of Kenneth City here in the Tampa Bay area: Wheel Alignment Shop | Rick Stroud Auto, Inc.

And if your auto AC isn’t cooling you enough, we can work on that as well.