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I just had to post a blog about this because I got to think there’s more to it than meets the eye. The AutoBlog posted:

Road construction threatened by national shortage of traffic paint?

We don’t know how much road construction your area is being subjected to, but we’re up to our necks in orange barrels and portable cement barriers. Apparently the government stimulus funds have converged onto our highways and boulevards in one summer, but a report by The New York Times shows that one key element could throw a wrench in the plans to overhaul our nation’s infrastructure. It’s not concrete or even heavy machinery. We’re talking about the paint used to stripe the roads.

They go on to say that the a key element in making the paint is in short supply because of the slow enconomy. The element is a chemical compound called methyl methacrylate. What I don’t get is why they slowed the production of this knowing the government was throwing all this money at infrastructure?

Just odd to me.