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I am a lover of pets and find that they are an integral part of the family and it’s hard to imagine going on a road trip without the four legged friend.

So this morning when I say this article I couldn’t help but share it here with you. There’s a couple of good tips:


(NAPSI)-Eighteen percent of travelers vacation with their pet, according to the U.S. Travel Association. If you’re packing up your pet for a road trip this year, here are a few easy tips that can help you hit the road knowing that your four-legged friend will have a comfortable ride and you’ll have a safe, relaxing vacation:

  • Prep your pets for travel. Ease them into a longer journey by taking them along on shorter jaunts around town in the days prior. Once the big trip arrives, maintain your pet’s feeding and bathroom schedule as much as possible. Make stops roughly every three hours for water and exercise. If your pet has a favorite toy or treat, bring it along. The familiarity will make travel easier.
  • Pack a pet travel tote. It should include cleanup supplies, a travel bed, food and water, portable bowls, a pet first-aid kit and lots of toys to keep your pet busy and well behaved.
  • Be prepared. Your pet’s tags should be up to date and include your cell phone number (remember, you’re on the road). Prior to leaving, you also may want to visit the veterinarian. If your pet usually gets carsick or restless when traveling, the vet may be able to suggest medications or other treatments that could help.
  • Check your insurance. See if your pet is covered by your car insurance.

Progressive protects dogs and cats up to $1,000 if they’re hurt when you’re in an accident or in the event of a loss like a car theft or fire. The coverage is free to auto and RV customers with Collision insurance.

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