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We love our work. I mean where else can you get the chance to see such a wide assortment of great vehicles both modern and classic.

Now from an auto mechanic standpoint we just love to work on cars and do find all cars to have their positives.

That said, as an independent shop that specializes in wheel alignments done right (even on vehicles other shops can’t do) we get to see some the most incredible classic cars in the St Petersburg and Tampa area.

Check out this 1955 Chevy we had the pleasure of doing the alignment on.

55 chevy,wheel alignment,wheel alignment st petersburg

Beautiful isn’t it. In fact I’d say it probably looks better than the day if rolled off the line. Got to like those chrome rims.

Now check out this picture.

Wheel alignment,oldsmobile,classic

How often do you see an Oldsmobile like the one above?

Finally check out this classic 1969 Ford Fairlane. All original to boot!

1969 Ford Fairlane 500,wheel alignment

And just so you know, all the cars we are privileged to work upon, get the same careful and expert treatment whether it’s a classic car like these above, a custom made vehicle, or a modern car.

Visit the shop today! WheelAlignmentShop.com.