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Last week I posted the blog, Stuck in Petroleum, and mentioned hydrogen fuel cells seeming to have fallen off the radar.

Well, today I see this post from AutoWeek.com: H2 Oh No! A hydrogen future is actually closer than you might think

All of these elements–people, private industry and government entities–converged this week at the annual National Hydrogen Association’s Exposition and Conference in Long Beach, Calif. Even the governor showed up and bench-pressed a few atoms.

The news? One interesting thing was that Toyota chose this week to announce that the target price for its fuel cell-powered sedan, due in showrooms in 2015, will be about $50,000. That’s a far cry from early fuel-cell-car estimates that were usually more like “astronomical.”

Toyota, General Motors, Honda, Daimler and Hyundai have all said they’ll have fuel-cell cars available for retail sale in the United States within five years. So while it’s still off in the future, the fuel-cell revolution is a little less futuristic than it traditionally has been.

And while for years it was easy to dismiss hydrogen-powered anything as being too energy-intensive to be worthwhile, some of the experts at the expo were at least saying that hydrogen makes financial as well as efficiency sense.

Technology marches on even when we are not looking. 😉