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No. I’m not referring to the horrible oil leak in my favorite body of water, the Gulf of Mexico. I’m talking about how we fuel our vehicles which get us from point A to point B.

Gas is still our best option it seems. You know why? Well, in part it’s far more ubiquitous and packs more travel capacity than the electronic vehicles out there.

I’m not saying that there isn’t a small group percentage of drivers out there who aren’t hungry for the electronic vehicles, because there are, but they are a pretty small percentage. I think the vast majority of us need vehicles that go when we need them and go for distances longer than 100 miles per charge.

How many of you would use gas if it took you eight hours to pump gas into your tank? That’s one of the big hurdles that electric based vehicles face. Check out this little survey:

Cars.com Survey: Most Buyers Still Wary of Electric Vehicles

Fueling a Leaf

Fueling a Leaf

What would prevent on-the-fence buyers from taking the EV plunge? Fifty-four percent were most concerned with range anxiety in all-electric vehicles such as the Leaf, and 43% said they drive too far to even consider a Leaf or other EVs with a 100-mile range.

Of course one of the other options that seems to be dead is hydrogen fuel cells.

I think another big hurdle that must be gotten over in regard to electric vehicles is what I’ll call the cell phone perception. I don’t know about you but my battery in my cell phone does not have the best life cycle and never gets the usage that the stats say I should be getting out of it. If they can’t get the cell batteries to last what makes me think they will get the car batteries to last and charge any better?

I’m not knocking the technology, I’m not even suggesting that we need to stick with what we’ve got, but what I am saying is we’ve got a way to go before electronic vehicles are can be depended upon. What’s one to do in emergency situations like needing to rush to the hospital in the middle of the night with your pregnant wife but can’t because you just plugged in your drained car after going out to get her pickles and ice cream from the only open food-mart across town?

Until then, we’ll continue to work upon combustion engine cars and trucks with the mindset of learning more and more about electric vehicles and yes we can do the wheel alignments on them as well.

One thing is for sure, I do look forward to the developments that are being made in the electric powered vehicles. We’ve come a long way, and I’m certain that the challenges can be over come.

Update: 2010/05/07:

Just saw this article and thought it worth referencing here.

Nissan Europe dealers face ‘massive’ training ahead of Leaf launch

“The way customers choose this vehicle, finance it, use it, and eventually dispose of it will be very, very different so that will require a lot of training,” Simon Thomas, Nissan’s head of sales and marketing in Europe, said in an interview. “That is why we are being very focused and deliberate in the dealers that we select.”

I’m rather curious about what they meant by the “dispose of” comment. I’m guessing it’s in reference to the batteries, something you don’t here a lot of talk about, but that can have a huge environmental impact.