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Being an independent auto repair shop we are blessed to see some incredible vehicles from 1964 Corvettes to some pretty awesome custom jobs like The Rocket Ship Car® – “The Happiest Ride on Earth®”.

The Rocket Ship Car comes from the Euclid Beach Park® in Cleveland, Ohio where so many enjoyed the amusement park ride for years. Now a couple of guys are keeping that joy alive and have taken one of the rocket ships and converted it into this:

The Rocket Ship Car after getting it's wheel alignment.

The Rocket Ship Car after getting its wheel alignment.

Rocket Ship Car getting wheel alignment

Rick giving the Rocket Ship Car a wheel alignment

Even a rocket ship needs to have its steering aligned (I’m sure even the boys at NASA do that for the shuttle from time to time 😉 ), so it should be no surprise that the Rock Ship Car would need an alignment from time to time.  Here’s what Joe and John had to say on their website about us here at Rick’s:

“everything man made needs to be properly maintained, and that is where Rick’s auto repair shop comes into play. Before John and I got fully involved as The Euclid Beach Boys® and building our cars we were in the automotive repair and towing business for over 25 years. So we know a great repair shop when we see one, and besides we would not let just anyone work on the Rocket Ship Car®….after all your life, and your child’s life depends on us, and that is why we depend on Rick to help keep the Rocket Ship Car on the straight & narrow here in Florida. Thanks Rick!”

How cool a vehicle is this anyway? I mean, come on, it’s a Rocket Ship! 🙂

Rocket Ship Car on Alignment Pad

Rocket Ship Car on Alignment Pad

Be sure to check out Joe and John’s website for how you can book rides on this incredible ride, “The Happiest Ride on Earth®“.