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Hey folks. It’s pollen season here in Florida and in many of the southern states. The oaks are going crazy pumping out that fine stuff that’s clogging up our sinuses and painting our vehicles a different shade of green.

Which got me thinking… I need to wash the car. So I’ve been thinking of trying different products, looking around etc. There’s always a desire to try something new and really see if it improves things. So if you’ve got any suggestions let me know.

I know of a couple people that have sworn by the easy of use of a product called DriWash’n Guard. Though I’m not certain where to get it right now. Seems to me they said it was made in America so that’s always a bonus for me.

Speaking of detailing I hit on a couple of sites that offer suggestions on how to do a good job.

Five Steps to keep your car looking its best.

Car Detailing How-To Articles