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I was looking at some websites on auto stuff this morning (shocker I know 🙂 ) and I came across this interesting post:

Once lowly four-cylinder gains market dominance over bigger engines

At 61.9 percent of total passenger car sales, the once lowly four-cylinder is now on top by a wide margin. Compared to 2008 numbers of 51.7 percent, the four-cylinder engine displayed market gains unheard of in previous years. In addition, the once-dominant V8 now represents only 4.9 percent of the passenger car market, way down from its 88.9 percent share back in 1969.

Fuel economy is still a big issue with gasoline costs higher than most of us really like paying. So people are looking at being economical in the vehicles they drive.

But remember that you can practice some economical principles with the vehicle you currently drive too. General maintenance is key to keeping it running at top efficiency. The way you drive is also a big issue. Do you have a heavy foot? Do you jump off of the stop light line like your running a race?

All these things affect your fuel efficiency.

Get your vehicle tuned up (something we can do for you in the Tampa Bay area) and then start a fuel log.

With a note book record your fuel usuage each time you fill up. Write down the date, the gallons purchased and the miles driven since the last time your fueled up. Then reset your odometer. Do this for a month, without changing your driving habits.

Then after the month change how you drive. Don’t be in such a hurry. Obey the speed limits. See if you notice any difference.