We live in Florida for a number of reasons. One of the best reasons is the wonders of the Gulf Coast: Mother Nature.

Boating is a great pleasure and in fact a privilege that we have the ability to do whenever we want, month in and month out, and as such it we can take for granted the great out doors and how we impact it.

But we need to remember we have a responsibility to maintain the great outdoors and I was reminded of that in reading a blog entry from Gulfscapes Magazine: Gulf Coast Clean Marina Program.

Everyone wants clean water for our coasts. Some people are willing to go the extra mile to make sure their actions help, not hurt, our goal of clean water. Marinas have a unique relationship with the water, being in a position to help keep their own actions from polluting, and also in a position to help all their customers do the same.  In recognition of this unique relationship, in 1990 created a program called the Clean Marina Initiative. Through a joint venture between NOAA and the EPA, this program’s purpose is to help states clean up their waterways by creating their own Clean Marina Programs.

Gulfscapes Magazine is a great source also for happenings here on the Gulf coast and their photography rocks!