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It is one of the benefits to working in and running an automotive repair garage: seeing just how important it is to do the simple things.

Sometime we procrastinate with things. You know, we do it all the time, “I’ll do that paperwork later”, “I’ll read that manual when I have free time”, or “I’ll check my oil level next week.”

Yada yada ya.

It’s a dangerous trap to get into. Free time is… not a reality for we adults. There is always something that must be done. We have to prioritize our lives. What is more important gets kicked to the top of the list to fill the time. Whether it’s relaxing for the night by zoning in front of the tv watching Burn Notice on USA or doing your bills.

You have to prioritize what is more important, doing your bills to keep the electricity flowing or watching TV. Luckily somethings we can multi-task.

When it comes to your car where does it rate in your priorities? Do you place it high or low? How important to your daily needs is your vehicle? If it’s a high priority to getting around, for work, for getting the kids safely back and forth to school, then don’t you think you should read your vehicle manual and learn the simple things of vehicle maintenance?

Those simple things like maintaining proper coolant in the radiator to proper tire pressure can save you money and increase the life of your mode of transportation. Sure it takes some time, but it goes such a long way to saving money!

damaged connecting rod cap of geo tracker

Take for example this connecting rod cap. It connects the rod to the piston. Yeah. It’s pretty hard to recognize. It came out of a Geo Tracker.

This twisted and broken piece of metal is the result of not keeping an eye on the status of the oil in one’s vehicle. It’s the result of ignoring the warning lights on the dash board. In this case the oil level got so low that the engine got brutally hot and this cap hit the wall of its stress limit.

This is why it’s so important to check the simple things and mind the warning lights on your dashboard. If you don’t know how to check your oil or transmission fluid or radiator fluid look in your owners manual or come by the shop. We would be happy to show you. Because when it comes down to it, doing the simple stuff can keep the big money repairs, like replacing an engine, from being necessary.