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Don’t know the answer to that question?

Then I suggest you inspect your air filter. Imagine trying to breath air through a half clogged surgical mask. Or if you’re a diver, imagine trying to breath with a kink in your air hose. That’s kind of what it’s like for your car when it is sucking in air through a dirty air filter.

Air is necessary to the combustion of the fuel in the engine and getting that air into the engine quickly and easily is important to engine health and the efficient running of your car. It will help you save on fuel costs and maintenance, and this will of course help your pocket book.

How do you tell if you need to replace your air filter?

Take it out (you probably should be wearing gloves) and if you can see light through them they are still good. NEVER use an air gun to clean air filter because you will damage the element in the filter and allow dirt to enter the engine. And dirt is an enemy to your engine.

If your filter is very dirty and you plan to get one in the next week just drop it flat on the ground and watch a pile of dirt fall off.

Then, as soon as you can, get a new filter.

How long they last depends on your driving conditions, but you can generally go by the manufacture specs. As with all things, regular inspection goes a long way toward safe and efficient driving.

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Here’s a video on replacing the air filter.